Gag Me!

Call me a bitch or unromantic, whatever but I absolutely hate the phrase “[he or she] is the love of my life”. It truly makes me gag and roll my eyes when people say it, or worse, write it ad nauseam –especially on Facebook or other social sites, and some individuals use it over and over — when describing how they feel about their significant other. The phrase is trite and because of its overuse comes off as insincere. C’mon, you can’t think of anything a little original to say (and more specific) about this person you love so much? Gah! < insert retching noises here >

So cute!

What brought this rant on and to illustrate what I mean: I was watching an old Dateline NBC or 48 Hours — one of those news magazine show — and the story was about a married couple and the husband’s ‘betrayal’. The husband, in order to support their (he and his wife’s) extravagant lifestyle –keeping up with the Jones’ at least– he did not let his wife know that they (?) were having financial problems (and she obviously didn’t care enough to make herself aware) and secretly robbed banks to stay afloat. Of course he was eventually caught. The show interviewed the wife and she trotted out that phrase, “he was the love of my life” but she was mad and felt betrayed by her husband’s actions and divorced him. Wow! Nice thing to do to ‘the love of your life’! If he was really the love of your life (gross) then you would have taken better care to know what is going on with the finances and also with your husband. Perhaps she never really knew the love of her life. To top it all off, the love of her life was robbing banks for her  (presumably the love of his life), to support her but she doesn’t even appreciate it and divorces his sorry butt. Really, if he was the love of your life would you divorce him? Wouldn’t you stand by him? I just think she didn’t want to wait for him to get out of jail (he did not have a lengthy sentence if I remember right) and also did not like the fact that he was not able to support her. Perhaps the true love of her life is herself, along with money and clichés.

Pure cheese:

Until you fuck up…

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